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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter O

This week we were looking at the Letter O. We are about to take off on a nice long holiday to see family in the UK, so our activities lasted about two days before I got totally distracted with packing. Having said that, I think we did get some fun things done in those two days. 

The picture above shows the letter O which Adventure-man decorated with CheeriOs. I think more Cheerios were consumed by him while gluing them onto the O than he would normally eat at breakfast! The letter O was downloaded from here.

We then did a letter O collage downloaded from Homeschool Creatiions. I had to resist the urge to straighten out the pictures to make them line up. : )

We made use of more printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We practiced tracing the letter O and I also used the cutting practice sheet as a tracing sheet. Both were laminated so that I can re-use them later on. 

We used the Octopus counting sheet to play a number recognition game. Adventure-man would throw the die and he had to find the number he had thrown, place it in the box and then put the right number of Octopodes ( yes, I checked and that is officially the correct plural for Octopus) on the sheet. 

We did these two crafts over the two days, the first was an octopus (looks more like a wonky sun I know!) and the second is a lovely ostrich. I downloaded the picture of the ostrich from Shirleys-preschool-activities and just had Adventure-man paint on the glue and stick these lovely colourful feathers. This is my favourite of the week.

Finally, we also introduced Opposites by making a little opposites book. I downloaded the pictures from Pocketful of Posies. Then we read from his favourite book of opposites (Thomas and Friends) and played with his Thomas the Tank Engine Opposites puzzle. I also downloaded a number of cut and paste worksheets from tlsbooks which focused on concepts like On and Off, Over and Under. I cut the pictures out, he coloured them and pasted them in the right places.

Our other non 'O' activities:

I put soy beans in a box and gave him a variety of spoons and scoops, funnels and jugs and the bottom of a Ferrero Rocher tray. It was messy but fun and then he had a little practice sweeping up with a handheld dustpan and and broom afterwards. You can see him trying to stuff his blanket down the funnel in this picture. He thought it was hilarious!

He sorted his dinosaurs into their colour groups (I put a coloured dot at the bottom of the tray and he sorts it out that way).

I mixed up his puzzle pieces and had him put them together. He did it all by himself (apart from the more complicated foot puzzle).

So, a pretty productive two days, considering. : )

                                        Check out Tot School to see what other mums are doing.

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for linking to my blog.