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Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning activities for a wide age range

Adventure-man really likes being part of his older sisters' day and so I've been trying to think of learning activities that we can do together that will benefit all of them.

Numbers and Math facts

I printed off numbers from 1 -10 and laminated them. (click on the number 1 if you would like to download the numbers to use). When we use them, I lay them on the floor, sometimes randomly and at other times in order like a circle or in a grid. I ask an age appropriate question and each child gets a turn to jump, wriggle, crawl, roll (whatever takes my fancy at the time) to the answer.

For Adventure-man, it will be something like " Hop to number 3." or "Crawl to the colour blue.". It can get progressively harder depending on his mood and I might say "Wriggle to number 6, fly to number 10 and swim to the colour green." and so on.

For the girls, I'll give them multiplication or divisions to do and they have to hop on the digits in the correct order. I guess if I wanted, I could give them word problems to work out too.

This acts as a bit of of a morning wake-up exercise for them and they have a laugh at the same time!

Just Fun Physical activity

If the older kids look like they need waking up or Adventure-man has ants in his pants - I pull this out once in a while. It is a little young for my girls but they play along with him quite nicely.

They are ABC exercise cards which have an action for each letter like "A is for circle your ANKLES", "H is for Hop on one foot", "D is for dance all around the house". I downloaded these from Teach Mama. We have a big fuzzy die and I get them to throw it to determine how many times we have to perform the action.

That's all I have at the moment but I'm still looking for ideas so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I like the activity cards...I may have to go and check those out. I am challenged in that area so I need all the help I can get!!!