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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Letter M

Letter M was lots of fun because I used these M&M printables which are so much fun! How could he not enjoy it since he got to consume the M&Ms at the end of the session!

Here he is sorting M&Ms according to colour. We did many other M&M activities like sorting and sequencing but I haven't captured them on film. You'll find all the other activities on the M&M printables link above.

I printed out a letter m template, laminated it and drew squares with a white board marker. I then provided him with unit cubes to place along the letter and I tried to encourage him to alternate colours along the way.

I printed this Capital M, laminated it and punched holes all along and started him off on lacing a string through the holes.

This was Adventure-man's favourite! I printed out a sheet of things that begin with the Letter M and laminated  it. I then hid those items in a box of pasta. He had to search through the pasta to find the monkey, motorcycle, money and letter M. He wanted to do this several times over.

You can download the sheet from here

I like to download the alphabet sheets from this site. I'll either give him his Do a Dot paint pens to dot the circles or in this instance, I gave him circle stickers (available from any stationery store) and he stuck them on.

This is his M for magnets tray and this was a big hit too.He loved playing with them.

This is my favourite activity. I printed off these hanging monkeys and wrote numbers on their tummies and had Adventure-man match and peg the monkey to his number hanging on the line.

Hanging monkey template  - I got the template from, however, their monkeys have alphabets on them, so I copied the picture of the monkey without any writing on it and printed that off myself and wrote numbers on them.  

I used the numbers from one of the M&M counting printable here.

There were many other things we did like sing Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a bed. I made my own puppets and we retold the story. If you want a few related activities to do with your tot, this free downloadable activity pack from 1+1+1 is great.

I also read Goodnight Moon to him and you can get a lovely free lapbook activity from Homeschool Share.

Letter M is a great letter to do because there are so many different things you can do. I look forward to coming back to it!

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  1. great activities! My tot would love the M & M activity! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a cute magnet kit, and I like how you hid the M objects. Great week!

  3. I love the m&m sorting game with the cute printable. I bought a huge bag as an incentive for potty training. My little one didn't care about sitting on the potty. So I ate most of them. I might do this activity, but I think I will have to purchase a smaller bag of m&m's. : )

  4. What a fun week :) great activities!

  5. Love the M&M sorting game, thank so much for the link! :)