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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Size Aquarium: books we love

Life-Size Aquarium

Every now and then, we'll read a book that "wows" us because it is diverting and enjoyable, engaging both mum and child. I love a book which inspires and informs while we are having fun. 

Now, we generally enjoy non-fiction books about animals but I don't necessarily love very many. I think it is a bit of a balance finding a great book that captivates Adventure-man. Sometimes the books are just too wordy or factual for my tot and other times they are simple but dull. 

Having found Life Size Aquarium, a fantastic book that has charmed both my toddler and myself - I had to recommend it!  It is a lovely big glossy detailed life-sized book of sea animals. It is beautiful to look at and fascinating at the same time.

The layout consists of a two-page spread that is devoted to a life size picture of various unusual animals ranging from a leafy sea dragon fish, humphead wrasse, Dugongs and the tiny Clione (aka Sea Angel).  There are even huge fold-out pages for some of the bigger animals.The extreme close-ups in this oversized book allows you to notice some very cool distinctive features of each animal. There is a little sidebar with some interesting facts and occasional questions that encourages a closer observation of the animals.

It was entertaining and it had us going online looking for videos and information on the various animals we had just come across. It really has been a wonderful find. Captivating with a lot of scope for learning opportunities. I highly recommended it.

I'm on the look-out for this companion book!

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