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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letter E and F is for Emergency Services and Firemen

We did some fun activities today with a focus on Emergency Services like Firefighters and Policemen. How can little boys not enjoy anything to do with fire engines and firefighters. Magaret Mayo's book "Emergency" is a great book to start with - it has vivid, bold illustrations, fast-paced rhymes and it covers emergency vehicles ranging from fire engines, ambulances and police cars to snow-ploughs, lifeboats and helicopters.

We focused on firefighters today and had a blast. My favourite activity of the day was when we put on his firefighter helmet and went outside to play a number game. Armed with a spray (which we later changed to a foam water gun for added power!), I would call out numbers 1-20 which I had written in chalk with fire around them and he would run to put out the fire by spraying them. So cute! I got the idea from Along The Way - some nice firefighter activities there.

I read him a few books about what firefighters do and about fire-safety :

Afterwhich we practiced what to do if our clothes are on fire ("Stop, drop, roll") - we did that many times! In fact Adventure-man's older sisters joined in the fun and we all took turns screaming "You're clothes are on fire!" and everyone would fall to the ground and roll around. Yes, we looked very silly!

I also gave him a play mobile phone and as we were reading through "Emergency!", I would get him to dial 999 to call the police or firemen. It was good fun and by the end of that, there was no way he was going to forget what number to call in an emergency!

We made yummy fire-engine ladders snacks out of cream cheese, pretzel sticks and crispbread crackers. It worked well with peanut butter and Nutella as well.

I downloaded a number of activites from Homeschool Creation's Fireman preschool pack for Adventure-man's workboxes. It included a fireman puzzle, A fireman colouring page, sequencing cards and matching cards.

He also spent some time playing games and listening to stories on these sites: - "What will Firefighter Fran wear"
                                                      and "It's Time To Fight Fires"

We ended our day building Lego fire-stations and trucks.